My name is Arve Systad, and I'm a consultant/contractor/software developer at a small consultancy. I've been writing code professionally for 10+ years now. A focus on the Microsoft tech stack, but technology agnostic at heart.

I mostly delete code, and fancy clear cut architecture, domain driven design processes and smooth, automated, clutter free processes. Sprinkle in distributed, event driven systems, some harsh questions (and sometimes stupid ones), and I'm in my sweet spot.

For more, find me over on Twitter as @arvesystad where I talk about all kinds of stuff, both in Norwegian and English. I also exist on GitHub, although there's not always too much to look at.

This blog

Is meant to be both a big note-for-self for later, as well as a platform for learning - both for myself and others. If just a few visitors actually learn something new or rethink old patterns based on what I write here, I deem it a success.